I want to feel God

Confirmation that God is, indeed, moving right here, right now.

Sometimes we wait until there’s a nice ribbon tied onto a “finished” story before we feel we can share it. But, since loving God and loving people is a life work, we value sharing and celebrating wins all along the way.

Hear the stories of just a few ways we’ve seen God moving in and through the folks at Legacy Church in Round Rock.

Jamie attended an informational meeting about GO:Kenya for her son in January and things haven’t been the same since.

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She left the meeting realizing that the Lord was calling her to go as well. This seemed impractical, as it would require her to say “yes” to leaving her three other sons behind for two weeks, while her husband and church family would need to care for them. There was fear and apprehension about the unknown, but Jamie couldn’t ignore this calling. Her “yes” to GO:Kenya gave her the boldness to say “yes” to praying onstage during Sunday service, something she never thought she’d ever do. Within weeks, she was asked if she would step into Student Ministry and lead middle school and high school girls in their spiritual journey. Again, the Lord led her to a “yes”. Now, she’s weekly pouring into students and praying onstage regularly. All because of one “yes”.

Abby has spent the past several months caring for the infant of a single mama. 

While we know it brings Abby so much joy to love on this sweet baby girl every week, it’s worth highlighting! Living life together means being consistent, even when the world around you may not be. Not only has this allowed a single mom to work and provide for her family, it has grown into allowing this sweet mama the ability to get much-needed encouragement from a local support group. Because the more we lean in, the more we can see further need. And the more we’re intertwined with other lives, the more we want to meet those needs.

Jonathan and April have embraced a messy life so others’ lives may be set free.

April uses her tender heart daily in her nursing career and in her home as a homeschool mama. One little boy, that she tended to for months at the hospital, stole her heart. He had a twinkle in his eye, a bright smile, was wheelchair bound and practically nonverbal. It didn’t take long before the entire family was welcoming that same little boy into their home as a foster child. In the process of allowing him to heal (in so many ways), God has rewritten the Drolet story as one where “life in progress” in embraced at an all new level. April shared that, “We now see that God is not boxed in a pretty family with manners and smiles. He is ok with our mess and he can be found in our chaos.” Because leaning into the life of one with trauma is messy, to say the least.  And now, their hearts have been opened even further to allow another medical needs child into their home very soon. Oh, how one bold step can lead to faithful leaps!

Arpitha, a teen that was adopted as a child, now provides precious care for kids in our Preschool.

Arpitha regularly volunteers to love on the sweet little ones of Legacy on Sundays (and beyond). The beauty of this is that she is giving love and tenderness in a way she didn’t receive as a child herself. This is all because, after she was adopted, she received life-changing love, acceptance, and healing in the Neighbors family/home. By the grace of God, Arpitha’s family tree will not reflect the seeds sown early on in her life. Because God can make beauty from ashes. And beautiful, tall oak trees.

Clint and Julie opened their hearts to a foster child whose health could have led to the worst.

When Julie got to know their now-adopted-son, she was smitten pretty quickly. Luis was a post-kidney-transplant foster child with the most contagious smile and a hilarious, fiery personality. Not long after, they began the process of fostering-to-adopt, knowing the countless medical issues that came with him. He’s been in their home for more than 18 months now and there have been more diaper changes and hospital visits than anyone could’ve imagined. And some of those hospital stays have been seriously scary. But, God has this way of making us more like Him when we experience seasons that seem like they may never end. He creates patient, faithful parents. He instills a love that can only come from the Heavenly Father. He creates teenage advocates for the “least of these” (those which are so precious to God). There’s no question that this story isn’t over. But, we love getting to see how this little boy is growing and thriving in the home he’s been transplanted into.

The Hebel family were there with their neighbor until the end.

What started as a typical neighbor relationship with Gene, grew into something no one would’ve expected. About three years ago they met Gene, an elderly gentleman that lived alone. The Hebel family brought him a few meals and exchanged pleasantries at the mailbox. Then, one day, Gene was returning from the hospital. He was unable to move on his own and his children lived all over the US so they weren’t able to come on short notice. Because of the foundation of trust, Gene reached out to the Hebels to ask for help. The Hebel family helped him eat, use the restroom, get his meds, take his insulin and more.

This was a catalyst to their relationship, as Jennifer now found herself spending time at his house regularly, watching TV and learning all about baseball from Gene. Jennifer recalls leaving food on his end table for him, and one time, left him some pudding. When she returned, he said, “Well, you left pudding but no spoon.”

Over time his health declined and eventually, he wound up back in the hospital. The Hebel family leaned in and were able to be present during the weeks of his hospital stay. The doctors and Jennifer helped ensure that his children made the trip down as Gene’s condition worsened. As he went back for heart surgery, Jennifer prayed over Gene beside his son. While he didn’t survive the surgery, the Hebel family was present until the end, being a light to Gene and his family in the darkest of times. Jennifer says that Gene “became like family…especially in those last few weeks.”

While a meal here and some small talk there may seem insignificant, it is intentional moments like these that allow us to bring Heaven to earth when crisis comes.

Several men in our church regularly help move families into their new homes.

We continually see John, Aaron, Triston, Brian, Luke, Darren and numerous others give time and energy to move people across town. They sacrifice precious sleep time on Saturday and family time to help show families that they are valued. Moving is certainly not a favorite pasttime of most, but when your church is your family, saying yes is a lot easier. It can actually be a joy.

This is merely a glimpse of the beautiful ways God is showing up through Legacy. If you have a story to share, please comment below, or email us at info@legacychurchtx.com.

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