Legacy Church Round Rock moves to 11am service time

New Service Time is on the Horizon for Legacy Church Round Rock!

The church that meets Sunday mornings at the Old Settlers Association, will no longer be using the facility on Sundays starting in March.

After time spent praying and discussing the pros and cons, we have decided to make the change in our service time. We’ll be shifting from 5 p.m. to 11 a.m. beginning Sunday, April 2nd.

Here’s what a Sunday morning service time offers us:

1. Better chance to reach Millennials and Boomers on Sunday mornings.
2. One less hurdle to overcome culturally (Sunday morning is the “time” that church happens).
3. Allows for “lingering” throughout the afternoon following service with guests (lunch, etc.) where that can’t happen Sunday evenings as families rush to get kids ready for bed/school.
4. We can go to two services on Sunday mornings (when the time comes), whereas we cannot do two on Sunday evenings.

It goes unsaid, but this also allows us to enjoy the many delightful breakfast foods together. 🙂

We’re hopeful that this strategic move will allow us to accomplish our mission, vision and values at an even greater level in this next season of ministry.

Join us as we launch our new service time on April 2nd.

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