We long to #BeTheChange in our community. One authentic relationship at a time.

To #BeTheChange, we can’t just stay within the proverbial four walls of our church (i.e. only spending time with other Christians). We have to enter into the world of those around us that don’t follow Jesus.

God has placed people in your Network of Influence for a reason (the unique group of people that you come in contact with in your regular routine). The question is, are we making the most of those relationships?

While in relationship with unbelievers, here’s what we’re working towards:

  • We know their name, have spent quality time with them and connect with them frequently
  • We have seen and met their needs
  • We respect them, their beliefs and how they spend their time
  • We have no expectation of “converting them”
  • We bring peace and joy with us
  • We don’t pretend to be something we’re not
  • We lean in when others want to leave

We have to earn trust to be able to speak into anyone’s life. This is no easy or quick task in our culture. It can take years, actually. The fact it takes so long to build an authentic relationship is probably one reason they are so hard to come by; our culture has us constantly moving (such as frequent career changes, moving homes, etc).

But we are intentionally fighting normal. We’re digging in our heels and planting deep roots into the relationships God’s placed us in.

Together, no matter where we find ourselves, we’re striving to set aside at least one night a month to spend time with folks that don’t know Jesus.

Next Step Night will occur the third week of each month.

It’s an opportunity to continue and/or take the next step with someone in your Network of Influence. What step is next for you?

Know Them by Name

-Create margin to spend time where you encounter your Network of Influence (spend time in the front yard, arrive a few minutes early to work, stick around after your child’s practice)

-Don’t just wave when you see people, walk over to them to create conversation (ask something as simple as, “How was your day/weekend?”)

-Give out seasonal treats to those in your Network of Influence…or those you want to pursue for your NOI (you can buy treats from the store or have fun making them with those under your roof)

-Pray for them (praying daily helps keep our eyes open for opportunities to interact and bring joy to them)

-Find common ground in conversation

Spend Quality Time with Them

-Invite them over for dinner or meet them out somewhere (park, restaurant, meet for coffee, drinks or ice cream)

-Consider having a block party or BBQ (for a group of co-workers, neighbors, clients, or families of your child’s friends)

-Participate in common interests (card games, sporting events, yard games, community events, social justice)

-Listen (be intentional to listen to them, allowing them to see that they’re valued)

-Meet needs (when their sick, drop off food; take on an extra project for them; visit them/their family in the hospital; take care of their kids)

Have a Spiritual Conversation

-Don’t force this convo, let it come up naturally

-Pray silently before, during and after the conversation

-Ask Q’s like “Did you grow up in the church?” and “How did you deal with tough times?”


So, who are you focusing on this week? Talk it over with those under your roof and/or with folks in your Legacy Group.

However you chose to deepen the relationships with those God has led you to, be sure to be YOU. God created you specifically and desires for you to #BeTheChange using the gifts, experiences and personality he gave you. For additional ideas on how to get to know neighbors, co-workers and others in your Network, click here.

Want more information about intentional relationships? 

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